Build the next generation of dApps on Universal Profiles

Along with the launch of LUKSO’s L16 Public Testnet, we announced a 6-week virtual hackathon – the first LUKSO Build UP! that took place July 20th  - August 31st 2022.

Developers came together to build the next generation of dApps on Universal Profiles by exploring and utilizing LUKSO Standard Proposals (LSPs) as well as our developer tools and libraries.

With over 500 signups, 74 project submissions, and 10 hours of live educational content created for participants, the hackathon empowered both novice and experienced developers to shape the New Creative Economy and change blockchain for everyone.

Meet The Winners

Announcing the winners of LUKSO’s biggest hackathon to date

Hackathon Awards Ceremony

Total Prize Pool: $500,000 in LYXe

5 Category Prize Pools

$460,000 in LYXe

Community Choice Awards

Prize Pool of $40,000 in LYXe


Universal Profiles Tools

Universal Profiles will revolutionize the way the world interacts with blockchain technology moving forward. Explore the building blocks that will bring blockchain mainstream and hack into the future by building essential tools with LUKSO's standards and tools.

$200k in prizes

Hack one of four bounties:
  • Transaction Relayer Service
  • Token & NFT Wallet with Vault Manager
  • Social Recovery Tool
  • Open Category

Social & DAOs

The next wave of social media applications built on-chain will be built with Universal Profiles. If you are interested in building the first social media feed with Universal Profiles, a DAO voting key manager for a Universal Profile based DAO or something to bring social platforms and DAOs to the next frontier, this category is for you!

$200k in prizes

Hack one of four bounties:
  • Chat dApp
  • Social Media Feed
  • DAO Voting Key Manager for UP based DAO and Interface
  • Open Category

Fashion, Art, Music & Entertainment

Bring F.A.M.E to the New Creative Economy! Explore new ways to empower artists, designers, musicians, creatives, fans and more with LUKSO's new tools and standards that allow for the creative realm to be brought to the next level.

$20k in prizes

Multiverse & Gaming

LUKSO allows creativity to flow between physical and digital realms – develop apps and tools that connect and use Universal Profiles in games and social game environments. We especially encourage integrations with Unity and Unreal Engine, as well as other popular apps/games and engines.

$20k in prizes

Blue Sky

Looking to build an innovative project on LUKSO that doesn’t quite fit into our hackathon categories? Bring your ideas to the table through this category!

$20k in prizes

Winners of the "Hack Your Profile" Hackathon in 2021

1st Place
2nd Place
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