Welcome to the Multiverse

An open and interoperable blueprint for phygital and digital worlds.


Is the space to shape our future digital lifestyle and truly own what we create. A space to innovate, invent and interact in truly new ways. A foundation for trust, value and engagement - built on Universal Profiles.

Join the L16 Testnet

LUKSO is a next generation EVM blockchain based on Casper PoS and will be the foundation for the New Creative Economy. Run a testnet node and start building.

Run your own node

$ sudo curl https://install.l16.lukso.network | sudo bash

$ mkdir l16-testnet && cd l16-testnet

$ lukso network init --chain l16

$ lukso network start

Core Building Blocks

LUKSO Standard Proposals (LSPs) are smart contract standards which are the main building blocks of the LUKSO ecosystem. They can be used by developers to create more user friendly and interactable applications.

Universal Profiles

Smart contract based user or creator profiles are the essential foundation for the New Creative Economy.

NFT 2.0

Flexible NFTs that are extensible and directly composable with Universal Profiles.

Cultural Currencies

Extensible Tokens that move us beyond DeFi. The future of blockchain is social.

Let's change blockchain for everyone!

Blockchain can now feel like Web2.0, but with all the power of Web3.
For the first time blockchain apps can be used instantly, without unnecessary complexity.


Coding dApps didn’t change,
they just became user friendly.

Tired of the complexity that dApps require from users?
Universal Profiles and dApps on LUKSO will change everything.

Try the Universal Profile Browser extension Developer Preview for yourself!

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